The Evolution of Jasmine's


LaosMap"The country of Laos borders China to the North, Myanmar (Burma) to the West, Thailand & Cambodia to the South and Vietnam to the Southeast. Located in Central Laos is the village of Thakket. The villagers were travelers throughout Southeast Asia and through their travels, spices from all over were brought back to the village. In time, a special cuisine developed in the village of Thakket. The families in the village shared the recipes from generation to generation. The time is right to share this unique cuisine with the world."

"Jasmine's offers a unique experience that transports you to exotic Southeast Asia. We present a variety of flavors and mixture of spices that range from mild to wild fire."

RedPepperThe varying degrees of spicy pleasures are as follows:

RedPepperRedPepperJust enough sensation to stir the senses, leaving you satisfied, but dreaming of more adventure.

RedPepperRedPepperRedPepperExotic spices linger, creating a lasting tingle that says, "It's hot but I like it"!!

The blend of flavors and spices spreads and explodes into intense pleasure that keeps you coming back for more!!


(Management is not responsible if the intensity of pleasure that you choose is more than you can handle.)